Prehistoric Rivers (K)

This mini-book series (shorts) was created especially for the e-book/Kindle and (under a fiver) print market which is growing at a phenom¬enal rate and replacing the conventional book publishing.

The aim of these `bite-sized’ books is to give the reader a small taster of ‘Topics’ from the Epic Trilogy – Prehistoric Britain sold at a reduced price.

These Bite-Sized booklets will include not only new research and photo/diagrams – but also LINKS to exclusive AUDIO and VIDEO media which are not included in the main book.

It is my hope that if you find the subject matter so interesting that you will be compelled to either read the full Trilogy and Documentary available printed textbooks.


Preface – 7

Introduction – 8

  1. The Last Ice Age – Not Included
  • Hydrology                                                                              
  • Groundwater and Aquifers  – Not Included
  • The Maths – Not Included
  • Precipitation – Not Included
  • Sea-Level Changes – Not Included
  • Rivers and Streams – Not Included
  • The Eurasia Ice Cap – Not Included
  • Landscape Transformation – Not Included
  • North American Post-Glacial Flooding  – Not Included
  • Case Study – Mississippi River – Not Included
  • Black Sea Post-Glacial Flooding – Not Included
  • Germany’s Post-Glacial Flooding – Not Included
  • Britain’s Post-Glacial flooding – Included
  • Case Study – The Thames – Included
  • Case Study River Avon – Included
  • Peat – Ultimate Evidence of Holocene Flooding – Not Included
  • Case Study – Upper Dee – Not Included
  • Case Study – Somerset Plain – Not Included
  • Porlock Bay – Not Included
  • Minehead Bay – Not Included
  • Parrott Valley – Not Included
  • Shapwick – Not Included
  • Glastonbury – Not Included
  • Somerset Levels and Moors – Not Included
  • River Siger  –  Not Included
  • Holocene Rivers in Britain  –  Not Included                
  • Case Study – Welsh River Catchment –  Not Included
  • Caersws  – Not Included
  • Roundabout – Not Included
  • Ystrad Caron – Not Included
  • Pant   – Not Included 
  • Conclusion                                                                                 
  • Appendixes                                                                               
  • Author’s Biography                                                                 

This is a sample chapter (mini book) from the Second book in Robert John Langdon’s epic Trilogy – Prehistoric Britain (The Stonehenge Enigma).

Twelve thousand years ago, according to our written history, the glaciers from the last Ice Age finally melted away, revealing the Britain we know today? OR DID IT? Britain had been under TWO MILES of ice and the seas that now surround us were frozen solid, leaving a huge mass of enormous weight pushing down on our tiny island. This mass had compressed the land so much that the surface sat some half a mile below the current sea level.


In this book Robert John Langdon explores the probability that when the ice melted, rather than leaving the land mass we now know as Britain it did, in fact, leave a collection of smaller islands and peninsulas caused by river flooding as the ground water table had risen by just 30m higher than today, creating an aquatic tropical landscape. Quite remarkably, this book shows that Stone Age Man survived the Ice Age and the great flood to go on to develop into a great maritime Civilisation – to date, this unknown society which lived in boats on the waterways and used them to construction our magnificent stone monuments, such as Stonehenge and Avebury that have lasted nearly 10,000 years.

Revisiting accepted Archaeological, Geological and Topological findings Langdon has been able to write an astonishing hypothesis with compelling new proven evidence that not only rewrites our view of prehistoric Britain but consequently, our view of the ancient world! The conclusion of this book indicates that these ‘Megalithic Builders’ are written about in Plato’s works and are described by the Ancient Greeks as ‘hyperboreans’ or who lived accordingly in Doggerland at a place known to Plato as Atlantis.

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