Sample Book

The Ancient Mariners

This mini-book series (shorts) was created especially for the e-book/Kindle and print (under a fiver) market, which is growing at a phenom­enal rate and replacing conventional book publishing.

These `bite-sized’ books aim to give the reader a small taster of the more extensive publication “Dawn of the Lost Civilisation” sold at a reduced price.

This Bite-Sized booklet will include new research and photo/diagrams and LINKS to exclusive AUDIO and VIDEO media, which are not included in the main book.

I hope that if you find the subject matter so interesting, you will be compelled to purchase the full available printed textbooks.

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Introduction – 06

The Ascent of Man – Summary of the main book chapter – 25

Variation of the Species – Summary of the main book chapter – 28

Atlantis – Summary of the main book chapter – 30

Doggerland and the Ice Age – Summary of the main book chapter – 33

The Atlantean Period – Summary of the main book chapter – 35

Advanced Technology – Summary of the main book chapter – 37

Lifestyles – Summary of the main book chapter – 39

Trade Routes 

European Ice Sheet – 41

Long Barrows – 45

Excavations – 49

Long Skulls – 53

Trading Places – 57

Trading Materials – 64

Post Trading Nation – 85

Round Barrows – 86

Stone Circles – 87

Stone Money – 89

Maps – 99

The Mind of Homo Superior – summary of the main book – 104

Epilogue   –   106

Author Biography and links – 112

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