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Homo Superior (Cro-Magnons)

This mini-book series (shorts) was created especially for the e-book/Kindle and print (under a fiver) market, which is growing at a phenom­enal rate and replacing conventional book publishing. (Homo Superior (Cro-Magnons))

These `bite-sized’ books aim to give the reader a small taster of the more extensive publication “Dawn of the Lost Civilisation” sold at a reduced price.

This Bite-Sized booklet will include new research and photo/diagrams and LINKS to exclusive AUDIO and VIDEO media, which are not included in the main book.

I hope that if you find the subject matter so interesting, you will be compelled to purchase the full available printed textbooks. (Homo Superior (Cro-Magnons))


Introduction – 06

The Ascent of Man – Summary of the main book chapter – 25

Variation of the Species – Summary of the main book chapter – 28

Atlantis – Summary of the main book chapter – 30

Doggerland and the Ice Age – Summary of the main book chapter – 33

The Atlantean Period – Summary of the main book chapter – 35

Advanced Technology – Summary of the main book chapter – 37

Lifestyles – Summary of the main book chapter – 39

Trade Routes – Summary of the main book – 41

The Mind of Homo Superior

Indo-European Languages – 42

Oral Traditions – 49

The Poetry of Memory – 56

Lascaux Cave Paintings – 60

Innovation – 65

Autistic Advantage – 73

Left-handedness – 76

Mathematics – 80

Stonehenge Blueprint – 81

Epilogue   –   95

Author Biography and links – 101

For more information about British Prehistory and other articles/books, go to our BLOG WEBSITE for daily updates or our VIDEO CHANNEL for interactive media and documentaries. The TRILOGY of books that ‘changed history’ can be found with chapter extracts at DAWN OF THE LOST CIVILISATIONTHE STONEHENGE ENIGMA and THE POST-GLACIAL FLOODING HYPOTHESIS. Other associated books are also available such as 13 THINGS THAT DON’T MAKE SENSE IN HISTORY and other ‘short’ budget priced books can be found on our AUTHOR SITE. For active discussion on the findings of the TRILOGY and recent LiDAR investigations that is published on our WEBSITE you can join our FACEBOOK GROUP.

Homo Superior (Cro-Magnons) – Amazon Paperback book

Further Reading

For information about British Prehistory, visit for the most extensive archaeology blogs and investigations collection, including modern LiDAR reports.  This site also includes extracts and articles from the Robert John Langdon Trilogy about Britain in the Prehistoric period, including titles such as The Stonehenge EnigmaDawn of the Lost Civilisation and the ultimate proof of Post Glacial Flooding and the landscape we see today.

Robert John Langdon has also created a YouTube web channel with over 100 investigations and video documentaries to support his classic trilogy (Prehistoric Britain). He has also released a collection of strange coincidences that he calls ‘13 Things that Don’t Make Sense in History’ and his recent discovery of a lost Stone Avenue at Avebury in Wiltshire called ‘Silbury Avenue – the Lost Stone Avenue’.

Langdon has also produced a series of ‘shorts’, which are extracts from his main body of books:

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Old Sarum

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Homo Superior

For active discussions on the findings of the TRILOGY and recent LiDAR investigations that are published on our WEBSITE, you can join our and leave a message or join the debate on our Facebook Group.

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